Earth-friendly and socially responsible, since day one.

Studio Evergreene, known as Studio E Hand Painted Wallpaper, a product spin-off from EverGreene Architectural Arts was founded in 1999 on the ideals of – respect for artisans, preserving and promoting the fine decorative arts traditions, and the use of nature’s materials. So not surprisingly, we are in-step with the rising public concern over industry’s effect on the environment and our collective desire for a more sustainable future.

Our products are:

• Luxurious special finishes on paper, made 100% by hand, without the use of heavy machinery.
• Made in an energy-efficient, naturally lit studio.
• Free of toxic compounds and production does not result in toxic by-products or emissions of any kind.
• Made primarily on paper that’s post-consumer recycled, renewable and biodegradable poly/cellulose fiber.
• Made with water-borne paints, plasters and varnishes – low in VOC versus oil/solvent-borne types.
• Vinyl-free and not pre-pasted. Vinyl and pre-pasted wallpapers emit VOCs.
• Breathable, inhibiting mold growth. Mold, a microbial VOC (MVOC) is associated with hazardous indoor air.
• Installable with eco-friendly pastes and removable with water. Recycleable.
• Made ‘to order’ and supplies are purchased accordingly.
• Durable, with low maintenance requirements. Cleans with water and mild soap.
• Can gain you LEED® points (if used within 500 miles of NYC and if installed with eco-friendly paste.)
• Inherently flameproof eliminating the need to undergo flammability treatment with chemicals. Certified
ASTM E-84 Class A, BS 476 Class 0 (part 6) and Class 1 (part 7), and others.

Studio E:

• Is certified compliant with all New York City and State Environmental Conservation regulations.
• Obtains most materials locally.
• Employs a proprietary light-to-dark material recycling/remixing program which uses every drop and
results in almost no waste.
• Does all of our own design and manufacture enabling us to deliver top-quality products at great value.

Studio E is now and always has been a women-owned and women-operated company. We are committed to fostering equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace and ardently support the International Rescue Committee* (IRC) by providing employment to those from areas of strife, who seek refuge in the USA. To learn more about the IRC and their worldwide efforts, see below* and visit for details. We offer our employees paid apprenticeships, full and part-time permanent positions, and benefits. We encourage a fun, flexible, friendly atmosphere, and in general promote work/life balance so we can lives our best lives.

*Founded in 1933, the IRC is committed to freedom, human dignity, and self-reliance. This commitment is expressed in emergency relief, protection of human rights, post-conflict development, resettlement assistance, and advocacy.



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